Limited mobility

Passengers with limited mobility

We are happy to offer an attendant service for those who use wheelchairs – as well as the transportation of your wheelchair in addition to your normal free baggage allowance – of course, free of charge. The wheelchair must be collapsible and if it is motorized, it must be equipped with a motor that operates with a dry battery. Please note that we cannot transport wheelchairs that use wet batteries. If the wheelchair user must bring along another collapsible wheelchair for showering, etc. in addition to the normal wheelchair, a reservation for the second wheelchair must be made through the service center; transportation is free of charge.

Reservations for groups of physically or mentally disabled travellers must be made through the service center.

To ensure sufficient space and safety, the transportation of a wheelchair must be reserved and confirmed through the service center. A confirmation must be presented in order to ensure transportation. An attendant service for those who use wheelchairs (from check-in to boarding the aircraft) is offered currently for all routes within Europe, free of charge. Please contact our service center with regard to this service.

TUI fly offers free seat reservations to passengers who require a wheelchair along with those accompanying them. Due to official security and safety requirements, seat reservations cannot be made at the emergency exit. In principle, window seats are reserved or seats in rows that we keep available especially for this purpose.